Frozen Banana Treat

A few weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to a frozen banana treat she has been making.  The claim is that this dessert is an ice cream substitute for those who can’t or don’t eat ice cream.  The “recipe” couldn’t be more simple.  Freeze some peeled bananas, whip them up in a food processor for about five minutes until they become the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  My imagination was stretched to its limit trying to visualize frozen bananas taking on this texture.  If you want to see some detailed pictures of the process check out the link above.  Even looking at the pictures, my brain was skeptical.

The majority of my skepticism most likely originated from the first paragraph of the original post, in which the author claims for every man processed food there is a natural “equivalent”.  An example used is that for every dab of cream cheese there is a smear of avocado with salt.  Although a smear of avocado with salt would be a delicious, more nutritious substitution for cream cheese on an everything bagel, it would not be “equivalent” or even close to cream cheese when put on a cinnamon raisin bagel, or baked into a cheese cake.  Therefore, I was skeptical of the author’s claims that these frozen bananas would just magically whip up into something as delicious as soft serve ice cream.  I do respect my friend’s opinion, though, so my curiosity was sparked.  The main thing preventing me from trying this unusual recipe sooner was that I do not own a large food processor, and was unsure if my small one would do the bananas justice.  It would hardly be fair to try a recipe with all this skepticism, and not use the proper tools.

So when my friend invited me over yesterday for some knitting and a chance to try the frozen banana treat, I jumped at the opportunity.  I eagerly watched as her husband plopped five frozen bananas into the food processor and turned it on.  At first, they became clumped, and looked exactly as I would have expected.  Then, as the next five minutes passed, and the machine did its magic, the textured changed.  I watched in awe, as he scooped the bananas into the bowl and they looked just like soft serve ice cream.  After being topped with berries, and chocolate sauce I was served my bowl.  I sat down, took a look, and couldn’t believe my eyes.  It looked just like a sundae in a bowl.

Frozen Bananas 1

Okay, so anything can “look” like ice cream, right?  So let’s get to the important question:  how did it taste?  Absolutely delicious.  And I mean delicious. It did indeed have the texture and consistency of soft serve ice cream.  My mind was blown.

Of course, it was nothing but bananas, therefore it was like eating banana flavored ice cream. Also, because it will always be banana flavored, I hesitate to claim this to be a replacement for or an “equivalent” to vanilla, or Rocky Road.  However, if you like bananas, and want a guilt-free dessert, hurry up and get your bananas in the freezer.  Now!

Frozen Bananas 2


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I am a happily married, mother of two, who left the exciting world of organic synthesis to be home with my children. Cooking and knitting are my two favorite things, and I've recently started running.
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