Cake Pops

I love food on a stick. It is just more fun.

Ask anyone, they will tell you.

Especially if they are under the age of 10.

While web browsing one evening I came across one of the most amazing blogs:  Bakerella.  This incredibly creative person puts all sorts of desserts on a stick.  I have made many cookies on a stick over the past few years, thanks to my Wilton cookie pop pan, but the lovely things on this site put my cookies on a stick to shame.  The most intriguing item was cake pops.  After viewing these, I went to the store the next day to try it out.  My friend was having a birthday and it seemed like a fun gift.  The recipe as given works easily.  It is simple, and really fun to make.

My first attempt was a bouquet of balloons.

They were delicious.  
Then a few days later, I went to a Superbowl party.
They were a big hit.  Delicious, and cute.  Too bad my photography skills are shameful.  This picture does them little justice.  
These really are fun to make, and the possibilities are endless.  Hopefully in there will more of these in the future.

About Elizabeth

I am a happily married, mother of two, who left the exciting world of organic synthesis to be home with my children. Cooking and knitting are my two favorite things, and I've recently started running.
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